Consider Using Your Tax Return for a St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney

Now that tax season is coming to an end and people are starting to receive their tax returns, they may be thinking of the bills they intend to pay with this money. If this is enough to actually get you out of debt and help get completely caught up on bills, this is a good idea. If, however, this amount is only going to buy you a little time before you inevitably fall behind again, it may be a good idea to speak to a St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney about how that money can help you get out of debt once and for all.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Explained by a St. Louis Bankruptcy

Using your tax return to help pay for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a way to get your debt problem resolved permanently. This is because this form of bankruptcy discharges almost all non-priority unsecured debt. Instead of using your hard-earned money to satisfy your creditors and stop the phone calls for a month, a St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney can make those harassing phone calls end permanently.

It may sound too good to be true, that paying one bill can result in almost all debt being discharged, but it’s not — it’s a right guaranteed under federal law. If you can pass the means test and satisfy a few other requirements, you may be able to file Chapter 7. A St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney can discuss your options to learn if this form of bankruptcy is right for you.

If you have significantly fallen behind your bills and you worry you will never be able to catch up, you don’t have to live with the stress and harassment debt can bring. Contact The Westbrook Law Group today to learn how bankruptcy can help. Together, we will figure out a plan to get you out of debt once for all, giving you the fresh start bankruptcy can bring. For a free consultation, contact The Westbrook Law Group right away.

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