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There are different reasons why individuals or businesses go through financial difficulties. Piling unpaid bills, credit card debt, and personal loans can all be too overwhelming to bear. Add to that the threat of facing a home foreclosure, car repossession, or wage garnishment. At Westbrook Law Group, we have Troy personal bankruptcy attorneys you can rely on. Attorney Brent Westbrook has years of experience as a reliable bankruptcy lawyer and has helped thousands of Missouri residents gain their financial freedom back. With our Missouri bankruptcy lawyer at our law office in Troy, MO, you can rest easy knowing that our Troy bankruptcy attorney has got your back.

Types of Bankruptcy in Troy, MO

There are four types of bankruptcy in Troy, Missouri. You can file your bankruptcy under Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, or chapter 13.

At Westbrook Law Group, we specialize in Chater 7 and Chapter 13.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Are you suffering from overwhelming debt? File a Chapter 7 bankruptcy so you can get relieved of your debts! Our reliable Troy, MO bankruptcy attorneys will help you throughout the bankruptcy process so you can get a fresh start in life. Schedule consultation with our bankruptcy attorneys to understand better the process, eligibility, and bankruptcy exemptions in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Are you dealing with insurmountable debt, but do you want to keep your home and car even after filing bankruptcy? Our bankruptcy lawyers in Troy, MO, can help you get debt relief while protecting your assets and properties.

Get Your Financial Freedom Back

Bankruptcy can be an intimidating word but when you put your finances in the hands of a qualified bankruptcy law firm in Troy MO, like Westbrook Law Group, it can be a word that means starting over. Our bankruptcy attorneys are here to help you get your finances back on track. We will work through your debt load with you and help you come up with the best plan to get you and your family back on track. Whether you are looking for a personal bankruptcy attorney in Troy MO, or a bankruptcy lawyer that can help you with your businesses finances we can offer expert advice and guidance.

If you are struggling financially and need help, reach out to us at Westbrook Law Group, your local bankruptcy attorney in Troy, MO. We have years of experience helping people in Troy and throughout Missouri sort out heavy debt loads, helping them consolidate and discharge this debt into a more manageable situation, allowing them to get back on their feet. Bankruptcy carries many negative connotations, but it is simply a system put in place to help people who have little where else to turn. Whether you are looking for a personal bankruptcy attorney in Troy, MO, or a bankruptcy lawyer near you to protect your business, Westbrook Law Group is your best choice. We will guide you through the entire bankruptcy process. 

At Westbrook Law Group, our top-notch financial lawyers can assist with a number of financial situations including:


At Westbrook Law Group, our Troy bankruptcy attorneys offer the best legal assistance for your credit card debt elimination. We will help you get out of financial trouble and provide you with the best legal help. If you’re struggling with credit card debt, call our Troy law office today.

STOP Foreclosure

Are you at risk of losing your home? Our experienced foreclosure attorneys understand the stress of worrying about home foreclosure. You don’t have to go through this alone. We can help you keep your home in Troy, Missouri. Schedule an appointment with our Troy foreclosure attorney today to know how we can stop creditors from foreclosing your home.

STOP Wage Garnishment

Dealing with multiple wage garnishments can drain your financial resources. If you want to stop garnishment, our Troy, MO, wage garnishment attorneys can help. We will prevent your creditors from garnishing your salary so you can keep your financial freedom.

STOP Repossession

Are you at risk of losing your car to creditors? Then you must act now! Our Troy, MO car repossession lawyers help you stop repossession efforts so you can keep your vehicle. Schedule a consultation with our car repossession attorneys at Westbrook Law Group today.


Are you dealing with mounting medical debt? Don’t let your savings go down the drain because of medical expenses! Our reliable bankruptcy lawyers in Troy, MO can help you eliminate medical debt through bankruptcy. Schedule a consultation today to know more.


If you’re dealing with massive student loan debts, you must have an experienced bankruptcy attorney on your side. At Westbrook Law Group, our Troy, MO bankruptcy attorney can help you deal with student loan debts and help you rebuild your credit.


Don’t waste your time worrying about debts that you can no longer pay. Schedule a consultation with our Troy bankruptcy attorney for a confidential financial evaluation. Consultation is free, so start calling us today. We can also help you rebuild your credit through our 720CreditScore program – free of charge.

Still undecided? See the testimonials of all the clients we’ve helped throughout Missouri or read our Google reviews to know how our reliable financial attorneys have helped individuals in Troy, MO deal with debt. Learn how to keep your financial stability after declaring bankruptcy by creating a financial plan in 6 easy steps.

Brent Westbrook

Troy, MO Attorney Brent Westbrook


Brent Westbrook built his Troy, MO bankruptcy law firm focusing solely on helping individuals, families, and businesses in Missouri deal with financial difficulties through bankruptcy. While attending law school at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, Brent competed in Bankruptcy Moot Court in New York City and completed an internship with the Chief Bankruptcy Judge in the Western District of Missouri. Brent’s extensive experience and commitment to bankruptcy law naturally have drawn him to advocate for the rights of the financially burdened. He finished law school in 2006 and quickly became a named partner in 2008 at the most prominent bankruptcy firm in Kansas City, MO; Wagoner Maxcy Westbrook, P.C. Brent Moved to the St. Louis area to be closer to family.

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How has the pandemic affected bankruptcy filings in the Missouri? Watch as Missouri bankruptcy attorney Brent Westbrook discusses the need for financial guidance in these trying times.

Defeat Debt & Unburden Your Life

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Contact our Troy law office to get a FREE copy of Brent’s outstanding new book “Defeat Debt & Unburden Your Life.” This book provides essential information from a reliable Troy bankruptcy lawyer with over a decade of experience working exclusively in bankruptcy.

Learn the truth about filing bankruptcy, dissipate your worries, and allow our bankruptcy book to answer your questions about bankruptcy. Understand how bankruptcy works and how you and your family can benefit from it. Know why filing bankruptcy would be the most rewarding decision you can make.

Plus, a BONUS chapter is even included inside! Life After Bankruptcy shows you the steps you can take not only to survive a bankruptcy declaration but also to THRIVE. Call our Troy, MO bankruptcy law firm today to request a free book or schedule an appointment with our experienced bankruptcy attorneys in Troy, Missouri.

Defeat Debt & Unburden Your Life

Troy Missouri Bankruptcy Attorney

Troy is a city in Lincoln County, Missouri, United States. As of the 2019 census, the population was 12, 079. Troy is the county seat of Lincoln County, and it is part of the St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area.

In Troy, Missouri, some notable sites are Fort Cap au Gris, a War of 1812 fortification built near Troy in 1814. Lincoln County Medical Center was also established in Troy in 1953 under the federal Hill-Burton Memorial Hospitals Act, as Lincoln County Memorial Hospital. Cuivre River State Park, one of the largest of Missouri’s state parks, lies about three miles to the northeast of Troy across the Cuivre River valley.

Something that you can also find in Troy is Bankruptcy Attorney Brent Westbrook. Brent is an experienced bankruptcy lawyer serving Troy and the surrounding communities in Missouri. He can help individuals and families in Troy with filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.


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At Westbrook Law Group, our Troy, MO bankruptcy lawyers offer a highly-personalized legal representation that suits your needs. Our bankruptcy lawyers in Troy are here to guide you through this challenging time, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure that you will only get the best possible results. Call us at 636-425-2997 to schedule your FREE initial consultation and avail of our legal services.

Take control of your life again by speaking with one of our trusted financial attorneys. Let us help you get out from under your burdensome debt obligations. Contact our Troy bankruptcy lawyer’s offices today for a free confidential financial evaluation.

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When you’re in debt, it’s difficult to focus on anything else. But there are steps that you can take to get out of debt – even if your credit is damaged or your income has been cut off completely! Call our St. Charles bankruptcy attorneys at Westbrook Law Group to find out how to escape the shackles of debt and get relief in Missouri.

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At Westbrook Law Group, we understand that filing for bankruptcy is an incredibly difficult step to take. For most people bankruptcy is a necessary and responsible decision to make. Bankruptcy saves people buried in debt and allows them to emerge and prosper.

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