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Forms You Must File in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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Many people, instead of going for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, will resort to Chapter 13 for several reasons. Like Chapter 7, Chapter 13 also requires every filer to accomplish various forms as part of the requirements. That being said, other than making sure that you are eligible to file under this Chapter, you must also ensure that you will be filing the correct bankruptcy forms and know where you can file them.

Therefore, choosing the right bankruptcy law firm with experienced bankruptcy lawyers should be your first crucial step. If the bankruptcy process in Chapter 7 is relatively short, in Chapter 13, you will work with your bankruptcy attorney for 3-5 years. In St. Charles, Missouri, Westbrook Law Group is the reliable bankruptcy firm that can assist you with filing the pertinent Chapter 13 bankruptcy forms.

Brent Westbrook and his legal team are strongly dedicated to helping individuals and families struggling financially. Even before the establishment of Westbrook Law Group, Bren Westbrook has always been competitive and skilled as far as his education is concerned. With more than a decade of serving people in Bone County, Columbia, St. Charles, and Troy, Missouri, we can guide you through the entire complicated bankruptcy procedure. 

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Forms

Here are the forms you’ll need to file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Take note that you can skip some forms if they do not apply to you. For example, you won’t need Form B 101A if you don’t have an eviction judgment against you.

  • B 101 
  • B 101A 
  • B 101B 
  • B 106
  • B 106A/B
  • B 106C
  • B 106D
  • B 106E/F
  • B 106G
  • B 106H
  • B 106I
  • B 106J
  • B 106J-2
  • B 107
  • B 121
  • B 122C-1

These are the forms you’ll need. It can be overwhelming filling them out, especially since a small mistake can cause the court to deny your petition. If you don’t want that to happen to you, you should talk to our experienced St. Charles Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

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Filing in the Appropriate Bankruptcy Court

chapter 13 bankruptcy forms MissouriThe petition for bankruptcy must then be filed with the federal bankruptcy courts in your country. The system of federal courts classifies the country into districts; many might have more. You can file your bankruptcy petition in either of these courts:

  • The court of the district where you have been residing for a significant part of the period of 180 days before your bankruptcy filings.
  • The court of the district where you domiciled-a place you considered home despite leaving temporarily.

Fees of a Bankruptcy Petition

Filing for bankruptcy costs approximately $310. Keep in mind, however, that fees are subject to change. You may check with the bankruptcy court or ask your bankruptcy lawyer. The fee will be due the moment you file for bankruptcy unless you are eligible to waive the fees or get a court order to pay through installments. However, the filers in Chapter 13 bankruptcy rarely qualify for any fee changes since the level of income required to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 13 is typically too high to be eligible for an installment payment or waiver.

The Official Bankruptcy Forms

The necessary bankruptcy forms you will file are often called official bankruptcy forms. These forms are accessible through the US Courts. You can now conveniently complete the official online forms and print them to be filed in the proper bankruptcy court. 

The Local Bankruptcy Forms

The bankruptcy court in your city can require you to file the other relevant bankruptcy forms. The same information is available on the US Courts website. Other than local forms, additional requirements may also be required of you by the local judge. Your bankruptcy lawyer should know the proper bankruptcy forms and what the local bankruptcy court requires.

Things to Keep in Mind When Filling the Forms

Before you give your bankruptcy attorney the necessary data to accomplish the bankruptcy forms in Missouri, you should keep a lot of things in mind. Here are some:

Be Meticulous.

First, make sure that you are working with a trusted bankruptcy attorney. Second, give as much information as you can. If the appointed bankruptcy trustee finds any lacking information in your bankruptcy form, they will find you suspicious. If, for example, you leave the lenders or creditors section blank, then the debts won’t be discharged to all your creditors. All your efforts will be wasted if this happens.

Suppose you carelessly or intentionally missed putting in your debts and properties list or forgot to mention your recent property transactions accurately. In that case, the bankruptcy court, upon the bankruptcy trustee’s request, might label you as a person with fraudulent intent and reject your bankruptcy discharge at the same time.

Don’t be afraid of repeating.

Sometimes you have to provide the same information in a different bankruptcy form or repeat the same information in the same bankruptcy form. This is perfectly normal, and you should not be concerned. You need to ensure that your answers are accurate and consistent. Just as your attorney. 

However, an exception is made to this rule. When you fill up Forms 122C-1 and 122C-2, you need to be cautious not to repeat the expenses. When filling up Schedule A or B, enumerate every item of property once.

Be Honest.

There is no need for further explanation of why you need to be honest in all the information you put on the bankruptcy paperwork – to avoid conflicts and unwanted penalties. You can be legally prosecuted for perjury if the bankruptcy court discovers you intentionally lied. If your bankruptcy attorney leaves something blank, you will be liable for the mistake. Thus, you must ensure that you and your bankruptcy attorney will work together and that he can make you understand every item. Moreover, refrain from affixing your signature if the form is not filled out.

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Getting all the necessary bankruptcy forms and filing them correctly takes a lot of patience and effort. It is necessary to have substantial knowledge of bankruptcy laws to ensure that you file bankruptcy in good faith. If this is your first time filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Westbrook Law Group is here for you.

You don’t have to be afraid to get a fresh start through bankruptcy because it is sometimes the best option. Our attorneys take the time to understand every situation and personalize our legal services. In more than ten years of practice, our legal team has gained valuable experience dealing with families’ and individuals’ financial concerns. Aside from Chapter 13, we also handle Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. We will assist you in conquering debt! Schedule your free consultation today!

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