Common Reasons for Bankruptcy from a St. Charles Debt Management Law Firm

Some people think that bankruptcy won’t affect them. They may assume that the people who file are extremely poor or just bad with money. The truth is, the common reasons for bankruptcy affect people of all socioeconomic statuses. These include:


  • Health Problems
  • Divorce
  • Job Loss


These are not unique to just poor and working class people. If you have experienced one of the above and need help, a St. Charles Debt Management Law Firm can help get your debt in order and get your life back on track.

Working with a St. Charles Debt Management Law Firm

Some people may worry that filing bankruptcy will permanently ruin their credit. While it likely will lead to a hit on your credit score, it is entirely possible to rebuild your credit. Bankruptcy will stay on your credit for 7 years or 10 years, depending on which type you file. The further away from the filing date you get, the better your credit score will become (assuming you can stay out of further debt issues).

A St. Charles Debt Management Law Firm can discuss your particular situation and find the best option for you. Whether it is Chapter 7 that discharges your debt or Chapter 13 that lets you keep important assets while paying back a reasonable amount to creditors, you can be sure that you get the advice you need with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

If you have debt problems and need help, Westbrook Law Group can help. We understand how stressful this time can be and work to provide the stress relief you need. By working with a St. Charles Debt Management Law Firm, you can end the harassing phone calls, worry, and stress debt can bring. To learn more about how a lawyer can help with your debt issues, contact Westbrook Law Group today for a free consultation.

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