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St. Charles Bankruptcy Attorney on the Meeting of the Creditors

St. Charles Bankruptcy Attorney on the Meeting of the Creditors

When filing bankruptcy, a person and their St. Charles Bankruptcy Attorney will need to attend the Meeting of the Creditors, also called a 341 meeting. This is an informal meeting that often occurs in a conference room with various creditors. This meeting is done so the creditors can ask questions of the debtor in order to identify potential abuse or other issues with a bankruptcy. In order to make sure this meeting does well, a person will need to bring a variety of documents. A lawyer can assemble these documents and make sure this meeting goes as smoothly as possible.

Documents for the Meeting from a St. Charles Bankruptcy Attorney

The documents you will need to bring depend upon the type of bankruptcy you are filing and the assets you may have. These can include:

  • Identifying documents
  • Deed to real property
  • Title of vehicle
  • Banking information
  • Previous year’s tax return

A St. Charles Bankruptcy Attorney can let you know exactly what to bring and help assemble these documents. This way, you will be prepared for your meeting.

This is important because if the documentation is missing, it can potentially lead to objections by creditors or the trustee. This can expose you to renewed collection activity, including foreclosure and repossession. By ensuring this meeting goes smoothly, it can keep your bankruptcy on track.

If you have questions about filing bankruptcy, Westbrook Law Group can help. We understand how difficult it can be to live with overwhelming debt and we will work to help you get a fresh start. We will examine your situation to determine if bankruptcy could be beneficial. If so, we will work to end the harassment and stress that overwhelming debt can bring. To speak with a St. Charles Bankruptcy Attorney, contact Westbrook Law Group today for a free consultation.

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