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Can I Afford a Troy Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Can I Afford a Troy Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Some people hesitate to contact a bankruptcy lawyer because they don’t have the money. They are having serious problems just paying their bills, so they think it’s impossible to afford bankruptcy. The truth is bankruptcy is more affordable than you may realize. During your free consultation, the attorney will explain exactly how much their fee will be, exactly what you can expect from the process, and exactly how bankruptcy might be able to help you. If you are struggling with debt, bankruptcy may be the best option for you and your family.

It might sound counterintuitive that one more bill can actually be beneficial for someone in debt, but it’s the case. Imagine that you have $20,000 in medical bills. If you could settle that debt for pennies on the dollar, wouldn’t you take it? If you qualify for Chapter 7, that’s essentially what happens when you pay your attorney. They can discharge your debt and, in many cases, protect your assets from a trustee. This one bill can potentially get rid of all the others. It should be noted that every case is different and you will need to speak with an attorney before learning how bankruptcy may impact you.

While this might sound too good to be true, this is how Chapter 7 bankruptcy works. Assuming you meet the qualifications for filing, you can discharge your debt while paying little, if anything, to your creditors. An experienced attorney will need to review your exact situation to determine if any of your assets may be liquidated, but in general most cases are no-asset cases.

If you have a serious debt problem, Westbrook Law Group can help. We have helped clients in Troy and St. Charles get the help they need with overwhelming debt. We understand how stressful it can be to face overwhelming debt and we are here to help. For a free consultation to discuss your situation, contact Westbrook Law Group right away.

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