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Beware of Credit Relief Scams

Beware of Credit Relief Scams

When a person has fallen behind on their bills, their credit score will ultimately take a major hit. This causes people to worry that they won’t be able to get a car, a mortgage, and other expenditures that require a decent credit score. In their haste, they turn a “credit repair company” that claims they can improve your credit score. As a bankruptcy lawyer, we have seen many clients taken advantage of by these companies. Before signing up, make sure you do your homework.

When a person’s credit score has taken a hit, the only way to repair it is through timely payments over a period of time. There isn’t a “quick fix” or other shortcut that can take a bad credit score and make it good. Some companies make incredible claims about being able to repair credit scores immediately or quickly. This is major red flag that they aren’t being honest. No matter what you hear, there is no way to build your credit score other than responsible borrowing and paying debts on time.

Claims that sound too good to be true are one red flag, but there are more things to look out for. Another major warning sign is if they want payment up-front before performing any services. This almost always indicates some kind of scam. Another warning sign is if the company tells you to dispute things on your credit report that you know to be true or to lie on applications for credit. This is fraud and can get you in serious trouble. Never make false claims or try to lie to improve your credit.

Everyone wants a shortcut to good credit, but they simply don’t exist. The first step towards rebuilding your credit is to get your debt under control. A bankruptcy lawyer can do just that. By carefully explaining your options, the attorney can help you and your family get your debt under control once and for all. From there, if you borrow responsibly and repay your debts in a timely fashion, your score will improve. It will take time, but it’s entirely possible to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy.

If you are trapped in debt, Westbrook Law Group can help. We have helped clients in St. Charles, Troy, and the St. Louis areas get out from under overwhelming debt. For a free consultation to discuss your options, contact us right away.

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