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How Do I Know It Is Time To Consider Bankruptcy?

How Do I Know It Is Time To Consider Bankruptcy?

Deciding to file bankruptcy is a big decision that many people struggle with for months upon months. They often explore every option possible to avoid bankruptcy. For some people, however, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best decision for them and their family. If you are considering bankruptcy, contact an attorney to learn your options to make an informed decision.

The first sign it may be time to consider bankruptcy is the inability to make the minimum payments on your debts. Missing payments can add fees and penalties to your balance. This makes it almost impossible for a person to pay down their principle to become debt free. If you routinely have to skip at least one payment in order to make ends meet, bankruptcy may be the best option for you.

Another sign that bankruptcy might be your best option is when the stress of debt becomes overwhelming. Debtors deal with harassing phone calls, angry letters, and other collection activities when they fall behind on bills. This leads to an overwhelming amount of stress for a person. Life is too short to live with this stress. A bankruptcy attorney may be able to end the stress that comes with debt once and for all.

At Westbrook Law Group, we offer a free consultation to learn your situation. We can then offer you advice on how best to manage your debt. If an option other than bankruptcy might help you, we can explain that option and how to pay down your debt. If bankruptcy is the right option, we can explain the advantages and disadvantages of filing. There is no pressure to file or retain our services. We only want to give you the information necessary to make an informed decision.

If you are struggling with debt problems, contact Westbrook Law Group today for a free consultation.

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