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Can I Lose my Job for Filing Bankruptcy?

Can I Lose my Job for Filing Bankruptcy?

Some people worry that filing bankruptcy may result in them losing their job. They worry that their employer might question their trustworthiness due to this filing. Fortunately, a person cannot be fired from their job for filing for bankruptcy. Therefore a person should not hesitate to speak with a bankruptcy attorney about their debt due to fear of losing their job.

It is important to note that this protection exists for a person losing their job “solely” due to bankruptcy. It may be possible for an employer to claim other issues with job performance and then terminate an employee. Therefore if an employee worries that an employer may look to terminate the employee or take other actions against them, they should begin documenting everything in order to protect themselves.

It is also important to note that if you are applying for jobs, potential employers can check your credit report for bankruptcies. While they can’t necessarily disqualify you for having a bankruptcy on your record, it could factor into their hiring decision. A bankruptcy attorney can discuss this with you and further explain how filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may impact your job search if you are currently looking for work.

While it is not an easy decision, filing bankruptcy can help a person get their life back on track. Struggling with overwhelming debt leads to endless stress, isolation, and generally makes life miserable. Filing bankruptcy helps a person end these issues and helps them get a fresh start free of debt and stress.

If you have serious debt problems, Westbrook Law Group is here to help. We can explain the benefits and drawbacks of filing bankruptcy and help a person make the best decision for themselves and their family. To learn more about how to get your debt under control, contact Westbrook Law Group right away.

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