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Should I Consolidate Debt Instead of Using a St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney?

Should I Consolidate Debt Instead of Using a St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney?

There are many ads for debt consolidation services that promise to help a person get their debts in order and even lower monthly payments. They are touted as an alternative to bankruptcy, allowing a person to get current on their bills while keeping their credit intact. Before speaking with one of these companies, speak with a St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney first. This lawyer will give you an honest answer about your financial situation as opposed to these debt consolidation companies which sometimes user underhanded tactics to lure in consumers.

While some people may be skeptical that a lawyer will give them an honest answer, the truth is that attorneys are governed by high ethical standards that require them to put the needs of their clients first. Debt consolidation companies have no such obligation. While some of them may be honest in dealing with consumers, they also have a financial interest in getting you to sign up. They charge a fee to consolidate your debt and telling you they can’t help means that they lose a customer.

An attorney, on the other hand, must give sound advice that is in the best interest of their client. If an attorney lies or gives bad advice, they can face stiff punishments from their state’s bar association, up to and including disbarment. This gives a St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney a huge incentive be honest when assessing a client’s financial situation.

If you have questions about how to get your debt under control, contact a bankruptcy lawyer at Westbrook Law Group. We know how stressful debt can be and we will always give an honest assessment of your options. Whether it is bankruptcy or not, we will make sure that we find a solution that allows you to live debt and stress free. To learn more about how we can help during this stressful time, contact Westbrook Law Group today for a free consultation.

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