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The Benefits of the Automatic Stay

The Benefits of the Automatic Stay

When people are behind on their bills, they know that creditors will call them constantly trying to collect. They will call first thing in the morning and late into the evening, trying to get their money. Every time the phone rings, it creates a new sense of dread in the debtor. They know they owe these bills, they simply don’t have the money. Fortunately, there is way to make this harassment end completely by working with a Troy, MO bankruptcy lawyer – the automatic stay. The moment a person files for bankruptcy, all collection activity must stop. If you are being endlessly harassed by creditors, they automatic stay may be able to help.

The debtor does not need to file any additional paperwork or take any further steps to the stop the harassment. The automatic stay is just that – automatic. The moment paperwork is filed, all collection activity must immediately stop. If creditors willfully violate the automatic stay, they can be responsible for damages. A bankruptcy lawyer can discuss how this might ultimately benefit you.

The automatic stay also halts a foreclosure, allowing a family to save money if they are about to lose their home. A person will generally have a few months before they are forced from their home if they lose it in Chapter 7. This is enough time to save up money for a new apartment so that a family can find a nice place to live.

This can be a major relief for someone who is about to lose their home or has been subjected to endless harassment. Forcing these phone calls to stop gives a person some breathing room and a chance to take their life back. Instead of being constantly bombarded by creditors, the debtor will get a chance to start fresh.

If you are being constantly called by creditors or are about to lose your home in foreclosure, contact Westbrook Law Group right away. We have helped clients across Lincoln County and St. Charles County deal with serious debt. We can help you get the fresh start that Chapter 7 brings. To speak with a bankruptcy lawyer about your debt problems, contact Wesbrook Law Group right away.

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