The Importance of Annually Checking your Credit Report



The Importance of Annually Checking your Credit Report

The Importance of Annually Checking your Credit Report

Our credit scores are often something we don’t think about until it is time to make a major purchase. This is especially true for someone who is deep in debt and knows their credit score is not as good as it could be. Unfortunately, if there is an error or incorrect information that is bringing your score down, it could derail that home or auto purchase until the error can be corrected. Therefore everyone should check their score at least once per year in order to correct errors that may exist.

The government allows every citizen to check their credit report once a year for free. A person should get in the habit each year of checking over their credit report for errors or other problems that may exist. If you do find problems, you can contact the reporting agency to begin the process of correcting these errors. It does take time, however, so if you anticipate making a large purchase, it is best to check your credit report as soon as possible.

There are also services online that a person can use to check their credit report and score. It should be noted that many of these services charge a fee or require a monthly subscription to use, so a person should be sure this credit check won’t cost a fortune.

If you have checking your credit report and realize that your debt problem is worse than you thought, it may be time to consider bankruptcy. At Westbrook Law Group, we can examine your debt situation and help find a solution for your problems. Whether it is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, we can help you find the best solution to deal with unmanageable debt. To speak with a bankruptcy attorney about your debt problems, contact Westbrook Law Group for a free consultation.

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