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Handling Child Support Arrears

Handling Child Support Arrears

Child support obligations are one of the nondischargeable debts some may have to deal with in bankruptcy. If you owe child support arrears, your child’s other parent has many ways to collect the money from you.

He or she may head to court and ask a judge to issue a judgement for the child support arrears. Once the parent has the judgement for the arrears, they have a host of options available to them. Even without a judgement, your wages may automatically withhold wages. Since both the federal and state governments help enforce child support orders, they may also use methods in order to collect the money.

In the United States, all states have an automatic income withholding program that can seize part of a parent’s wages in order to pay child support orders. Wages may be garnished or property seized in order to pay child support arrears. The custodial parent can place a lien on your property or the IRS can take your tax refund and pay it on your behalf.

Unpaid child support can show up on your credit report and adversely affect your credit rating and your ability to obtain future financing.

If you owe back child support, you may also face property liens and possible jail time. If you are arrested and put in jail, you may also have to post bond before you are released. If you can’t pay your child support, you need to take immediate steps to modify it. Until you do, anything you do not pay will continue to accumulate and will still be your responsibility. Obviously, child support arrears can become quite costly and need to be one of the top priority debts you pay.

If you are struggling with paying debts, especially child support arrears, call today. Our attorneys can help you make a repayment plan and help get your financial life back on track.

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